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Nelly's Artisan
Argentinian Empanadas
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Our Story 

The passion for empanadas

Chef Nelly's culinary journey began in the Dominican Republic, where she learned the art of making empanadas from the women in her family, using a secret family recipe passed down from her grandmother. After culinary school, she experimented with various dishes worldwide but always returned to making empanadas. Her exploration into perfecting Argentinean empanadas began when she married into an Argentinean family. She started selling her empanadas at Deep Roots farmers market in Glen Cove, gaining popularity and ultimately founding "Nelly's Empanadas." In a unique twist, the restaurant also serves as a place where adults with autism train in how to work in the food and beverage industry, making every empanada purchase a way to support their dreams to have a job and be part of a team. Nelly's Empanadas is a labor of love handmade for all of you.

Owner Nelly teaching kids how to make empanadas
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