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Argentinian Empanadas
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Chef Nelly's love for cooking started when she was a young in the Dominican Republic, influenced by the cooking traditions of the women in her family. She experimented the art of making "pastelitos," which are like empanadas in the Dominican Republic.

After graduating from culinary school in the Dominican Republic, Chef Nelly traveled the world to explore different flavors. But her passion always brought her back to empanadas. When she married into an Argentinean family, she decided to learn the techniques and recipes for making the perfect Argentinian empanada.

"I started selling my empanadas at the local farmers' market, and the lines were always so long. I often sold out in just two hours. That's when I felt the need to have a permanent home for 'Nelly's Empanadas.' At the same time, I kept working as a guidance counselor in Queens, something I really cared about, helping and mentoring children, including those with disabilities. Then, my husband told me about a rental space. But it wasn't just any space – it was a place where I could make my empanadas and also teach adults with autism about working in a restaurant. Today, in our restaurant, we proudly make 'Empanadas with a Purpose.' We are an Employee partner at The Winters Center for Autism. Magic happens in our new home. When you enjoy our empanadas, you're helping make dreams come true for adults with autism & young adults with “Special abilities"

Nelly's Empanadas are made with love, carefully crafted by Chef Nelly herself. Just like they're a special treat for her family, she hopes her empanadas become a cherished part of your family's traditions too.

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A Profound Adoration for Empanadas

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