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Argentinian Empanadas
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Giving Back

Our Dedication to Community

If you inquire with Nelly Mourelle about her role as an entrepreneur, she'll express that her venture isn't just a small business; it's a small business driven by a profound purpose. Since September 2022, Nelly's Artisan Argentinian Empanadas in West Babylon has been dedicated to employing young adults on the autism spectrum. Situated within the Winters Center for Autism, a nonprofit established by the Winters Family Foundation, Nelly's Empanadas is committed to the center's mission of training and employing young adults with autism, a responsibility Nelly wholeheartedly embraces.

Nelly channels the same level of dedication into crafting her handmade empanadas as she does in supporting the young adults working at her establishment.

Throughout the week, students and their job coaches collaborate with her in the kitchen, contributing to the empanada-making process, assisting customers, restocking supplies, and maintaining kitchen cleanliness.

"As they transition from high school, many of these students find themselves at a crossroads with limited options," Nelly explains. "Some are unable to pursue higher education, while others simply aspire to work. They possess incredible passion and a strong desire to learn. Being able to provide them with opportunities through empanadas and assisting them in the process – that's what I truly love."

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